Rreth Nesh

Ne jemi SnowNjeri

Welcome to SNOWNJERI page on Facebook! Snownjeri is the first alternative snow-sports organization formed in Kosovo in 2003. Here you will find countless of pictures and videos from our activities organized in the white mountains. Maxx!

Kush jemi ne?

The Snowman (Snownjeri) is an NGO, registered on December 2003 although the very first activities from it's founder, Ben Njeri, started in January 1993.
The first post-war activities of “The Snowman” started informally in March 2003, the first post-war season for skiing in Kosovo. Thousands of skiers needed information, and soon thousand new ones that were for the first time discovering this sport.

How it began?

A frequent visitor to Brezovica, along many friends and fans of this sport, Arben, began sending out group e-mails about Brezovica, with the latest news, pictures, and information about weather, state of the lifts, tourism capacity, and similar, initially to a group of 50 friends. These e-mails soon began to circulate widely, and more individuals were added to the original list of friends. Thousands of photos soon added up as well to form a huge collection. The list now numbers around 220.000 subscribers.

About us

The Snowman association is not a ski club, but rather a group of recreational skiing/boarding lovers that want just to have organized fun, meet, and make winter sports more popular. “The Snowman” is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit association for snow sports lovers.

As it enables the members with all kinds of information, it gears mainly to those between 12-50 years old, regardless of social and economic standing. In our association, we want to have recreational skiers and boarders with whom to travel and explore the ski slopes of Kosova and beyond. With this guiding spirit in mind, we seek to build bridges and connect skiers and snowboarders, wherever they may be .


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